Volleyball Drills & Training

Volleyball Rules and Basics

Volleyball Rules and Basics

A thrilling spectator sport, volleyball features emotions, shocks, games, and blows. It’s considerably more thrilling to play the game yourself, though. Physical strength, stamina, and energy are necessary for this high-intensity activity. In this article, you will get knowledge about the Volleyball Rules and Basics. There are many methods to hone your abilities and conquer […]

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Volleyball serving

Volleyball serving

Every player should practice their volleyball serving in order to become a well-rounded athlete. However, in volleyball, there are various serves that may be made, and each one needs to be made correctly using a particular set of skills. Here are some pointers to help you  to better your volleyball serving: Face the target while

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Volleyball Serving Drills: The Best Technique to Master your Serve

Volleyball Serving Drills The Best Technique to Master your Serve

Serving is an essential component in volleyball, and a team cannot survive without a reliable and accurate serve. Every volleyball player’s training programme must include volleyball serving drills. Players can enhance their serving technique through repetition and practice, which can result in more smashes, fewer mistakes, and more self-assurance on the court. In this post,

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Volleyball Setter

A member of the volleyball team known as a setter is responsible for passing the ball to teammates so they can attack and score points. The volleyball setter is in charge of directing the team’s offensive strategy and choosing which players to set the ball to at when moments. The only team member who is

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